Last Newsletter for the year

Last Newsletter for the year

Well where did it go????

December has once again come around. So, this is the last newsletter for the year.

Not a very long one but it is important:

Over the new year period there is to be no overnight parking at the Southern end of the marina

Also,  cars and cars with boat trailers, if you are planning to be parked in the Marina for longer than 3 days could you please make alternative arrangements so all our members can enjoy the limited space we have.

There is the possibility of work starting as early as February 2021 on the Reclamation. And the beginning of our new floating marina.

The club is also going to replace the carpet on the Gangway leading to the existing floating marina as this has started to show signs of wearing.

A Few Words From the Harbourmaster

These Holidays are expected to be quite busy, as COVID has closed our overseas travel. Which means more visitors to our part of town.

Please obey the rules.  Keep your speed down to 3 knots in the marina and 5 knots within 200 metres of the shore. Also 5 knots within 50 metres of a stationary vessel. Please be PATIENT.

Remember to wear your Life jackets while crossing the bar and in any unsafe waters.

The Harbourmaster is also giving away Dry Bags for your phones and if needed Flags for you Water Skiers. The Harbourmaster can be contacted on Channel 16 or 027 246 1904.

 Don’t forget to get your weather updates, and information pamphlets from the ramp on the buoyage markers.  

The Motueka PowerBoat Club inc. wishes all you Boaties a wonderful new year. Health Wealth and Safe Boating

Dick Knegt