MPBC Club Officers and Committee 2021/22

Club Officers, 2021-22

Commodore: Paul McIntosh
Vice Commodore: Angela Kenning
Secretary: Anne Simmons
Treasurer: Sarah Stephens
Marina Supervisor: Alan Noble 027-6633995

Committee Members, 2021-22

Chris Waide, Alan Noble, Harry Trewavas, Paul Smith, Dick Knegt, Marc Wilson.

Project Manager: Alistair Hart.

Last Newsletter for the year

Last Newsletter for the year

Well where did it go????

December has once again come around. So, this is the last newsletter for the year.

Not a very long one but it is important:

Over the new year period there is to be no overnight parking at the Southern end of the marina

Also,  cars and cars with boat trailers, if you are planning to be parked in the Marina for longer than 3 days could you please make alternative arrangements so all our members can enjoy the limited space we have.

There is the possibility of work starting as early as February 2021 on the Reclamation. And the beginning of our new floating marina.

The club is also going to replace the carpet on the Gangway leading to the existing floating marina as this has started to show signs of wearing.

A Few Words From the Harbourmaster

These Holidays are expected to be quite busy, as COVID has closed our overseas travel. Which means more visitors to our part of town.

Please obey the rules.  Keep your speed down to 3 knots in the marina and 5 knots within 200 metres of the shore. Also 5 knots within 50 metres of a stationary vessel. Please be PATIENT.

Remember to wear your Life jackets while crossing the bar and in any unsafe waters.

The Harbourmaster is also giving away Dry Bags for your phones and if needed Flags for you Water Skiers. The Harbourmaster can be contacted on Channel 16 or 027 246 1904.

 Don’t forget to get your weather updates, and information pamphlets from the ramp on the buoyage markers.  

The Motueka PowerBoat Club inc. wishes all you Boaties a wonderful new year. Health Wealth and Safe Boating

Dick Knegt

2020/21 Club Officers and Committe

Hi All

Following the AGM held in August the newly elected officers and committee members are:

Club Officers, 2020-21
Commodore Paul McIntosh 021-425757
Vice Commodore Harry Trewavas 027-4288126
Secretary Anne Simmons 022-0863584
Treasurer Angela Kenning 027-6540261
Marina Supervisor: Alan Noble 027-6633995


Marc Wilson, Paul Smith, Chris Waide, Alan Noble, Dick Knegt and Guy Northover



We have been asked by a small group of student volunteers undertaking a survey on behalf of the Department of Conservation (DOC) if we could take part and help them out.
It forms part of their training for the Trainee Ranger Certificate in Conservation at NMIT

Purpose of the survey
DOC is carrying out a survey of recreational boaties in and around the Abel Tasman area to measure awareness of marine protection and the effectiveness of DOC’s marine advocacy work. This survey is part of a national survey which has been carried already out on other parts of New Zealand’s coast

Click on this link to help them out:

The survey should only take 5 minutes and all responses are anonymous.

Every respondent will be able to enter a draw to win a $50 Burnsco voucher if they send their contact details to the email address given at the end of the survey by 30 April 2019.

Notice to all Motueka Power Boat Club Members:


Notice to all Motueka Power Boat Club Members:

As you hopefully are all aware by now the Government has announced that we are currently at COVID-19 Alert Level 4,
now everyone should be where they are going to spend the next 4 weeks.
We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our members and we need your help at this time to ensure everyone stays safe
The Marina Supervisor will be available during office hours by phone or you can email for any concerns you may have, but he too is trying to stay safe so please don’t go looking for him around the marina unless it is urgent.
The floating pontoon walkway to the boats is PRIVATE and only the people that have vessels in the marina should be using this. If you do not have a boat in one of these berths, don’t use it.
For people going to their boats, please use common-sense and don’t touch the handrails, if you are using the trolley make sure you use gloves.
We also ask that you keep the recommended distance from other marina patrons. You may not mix or mingle around with any person that is not is your self-isolating group.
Also we do not recommend you self-isolate on your vessel.
NOTE: Coastguard has an updated notice out and we recommend you read this,
If you have any problems please contact Alan Noble (Marina Supervisor) 027 6633995
Take care and look after yourselves and family.
Be Kind, Be Patient, and Stay Safe.

Update from Media Man

Motueka Power Boat Club Newsletter

29th Feb 2020

Wow!!!!    Summer has just past.  That went quick…. Too quick. 

It’s been a while since our last AGM. The committee has been busy sourcing suppliers and getting quotes for various aspects of the new marina upgrade. [i.e. Poles, pontoons, instalment costs etc].

We have been revising the old original plans for the new stage of the floating marina dating back pre 2000. Since then a lot has changed, obviously pricing. But also new technology and products that may suit the new upgrade better. There has been a scan of the dredged area to check for variations in depth. There have also been inquiries made for the floating pontoons, the sizing, life time expectancy and of course pricing and instalment costs.    

Well this is a bit of an update on what’s been happening around your marina. I will write and inform you more as things begin to happen.

Also keep an eye out for our commodores report due to come out soon.

Happy autumn boating.

P.S.  Remember the fish are still out there, they are only getting bigger and tastier. 

Regards Dick Knegt  aka Media Man

Update September 2018

Hi to all fellow boaties large and small.

It’s been quite some time since there has been an update from the committee so here goes.

  1. Quick reminder – subs are now due before the 1st October 2018 or your card will be deactivated. This will set you back an additional $20-00 to have it re-activated.
  2. New chip seal has been laid around the north western side of the car park area. Soon to have the white lines painted for vehicles with trailers on to park there.
  3. New committee has been voted in at our AGM held in August.
  4. Small pennant flags displaying the MPBC logo are now available – contact the secretary on 027 6037210.
  5. In addition to the existing barrier arm card reader, an additional bank card reader is about to be installed for the casual users.
  6. ALL LAUNCH / YACHT – BERTH USERS: i.e. any vehicle without a boat trailer. As the fishing season is upon us, please park your vehicles either outside the barrier arm but still within the MPBC marina complex or adjacent to the coffee van. In addition, parking will also be made available inside the marina complex against the guard rail barrier running along Wharf Road up to where the maintenance compound starts. If you are not sure where to park, contact the secretary or the marina supervisor on 027 6633995.
  7. A local contractor has been sourced to continue with the marina basin excavation. At this stage with a little bit of luck, work is planned to commence mid-October.
  8. Both sides of the launching ramp have recently been hosed down to remove the mud.


Yours sincerely,

Ross Satherley
Motueka Power Boat Club Inc.

Cell Phone:   027 6037210

Subs 2018 – 2019

Ahoy there all Motueka Power Club Salties

Just a quick note to let you know that our subs for the upcoming season 1st September 2018 to 31st August 2019 will be sent out in the next few weeks (excluding life members)

I am happy to report there is NO price increase again this year.

I will be emailing invoices out so if you don’t receive your invoice by the 15th September please contact me at

All subs not paid by 1st Oct will result in your card being deactivated and a $20.00 fee to have your card reactivated.

Thanks and Happy Boating.  Angela Kenning  MPBC Treasurer.

Subs for the 2016/17

Hello all

Just a note to say that all the new subs for the 2016/17 year have been either emailed or sent out so if you haven’t received yours please contact me at or on 027 6540261

All subs must be paid by the 30th September and any that haven’t will have their cards deactivated.

To get your card working again you will need to pay your $100 sub plus another $20.00 reactivation fee, also your card may take up to 5 days to reactivate.

Also just a bit of housekeeping:  if paying your sub at Bays Boating or new members that are joining up down at Bays Boating, please remember only cash or cheque is payment method there.

Thanks, Happy boating everyone.

Angela Kenning

AGM – 2016

The AGM for 2016 will be held on the 22nd August,
Sprig & Fern,

All welcome.

The committee look forward to seeing you there.

MPBC Secretary