Haul Out Facility

Port Motueka Maine Services now have several trailers at Motueka which means they can cater to all your Haul out requirements

For more details contact Marc Wilson on 02102247449.

Marina Supervisor

We have appointed Alan Nobel as Marina Supervisor over the summer period (and hopefully longer) You will see Alan around the Marina area on a regular basis and if you have any questions or require his assistance you can contact him on 0276633995 or via the contact us page of the website

New Treasurer

Angela Kenning has accepted the position of Treasurer and will take over from Bruce in this role over the next few weeks. We wish Angela all the best with this role and ask that you provide her with any assistance you can during this transition.

Dumping Of Rubbish

It has been noticed that some members are dumping fish remains and other undesirable rubbish into the water in the marina and launching ramp area.  The club does not condone the dumping of rubbish of any sort in this area and would appreciate it if members would either dump their filleting waste out at sea before coming into the marina area or take it home with you and dispose of it some other way. We also do not tolerate the dumping of fish waste in the rubbish bins provided at the ramp area.  These bins are for normal paper plastic and tin type rubbish that you accumulate while out on your boat. We would appreciate it if everyone would try to keep the area clean and tidy and not smelly for other members to enjoy. Thanks.