Update from Media Man

Motueka Power Boat Club Newsletter

29th Feb 2020

Wow!!!!    Summer has just past.  That went quick…. Too quick. 

It’s been a while since our last AGM. The committee has been busy sourcing suppliers and getting quotes for various aspects of the new marina upgrade. [i.e. Poles, pontoons, instalment costs etc].

We have been revising the old original plans for the new stage of the floating marina dating back pre 2000. Since then a lot has changed, obviously pricing. But also new technology and products that may suit the new upgrade better. There has been a scan of the dredged area to check for variations in depth. There have also been inquiries made for the floating pontoons, the sizing, life time expectancy and of course pricing and instalment costs.    

Well this is a bit of an update on what’s been happening around your marina. I will write and inform you more as things begin to happen.

Also keep an eye out for our commodores report due to come out soon.

Happy autumn boating.

P.S.  Remember the fish are still out there, they are only getting bigger and tastier. 

Regards Dick Knegt  aka Media Man